Help Eric Thorton Heal His Heart

Photo by Joshua Slate on Unsplash
Photo by Joshua Slate on Unsplash

Eric has been struggling with critical health issues since January 2020. Eric’s near-fatal reaction to a prescription drug caused serious damage to his heart and thyroid. 

He is currently seeing numerous doctors and has been hospitalized several times. In addition to his health issues, in mid-December, Eric had to step away from work to attend to his dying mother who was diagnosed with stage V brain cancer. The stress of that time further impacted his health and made it impossible for him to resume his healing work. This is a struggle that continues to this very day.
Because of his health issues, Eric can’t resume work. Sadly, his savings have been depleted due to wage loss, ongoing living expenses as well as an endless number of medical bills. We are asking for your help and support of Eric by donating to this fundraiser.   Any contribution will help to alleviate the financial stress he is experiencing and allow him to focus on his own healing. As always, Eric thanks you for your time, love, and support. All donations, prayers, and intentions for healing are greatly appreciated.

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